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Entering and Exiting the Cab

This article is courtesy of Acuity Insurance

FMCSA Regulation §399.207: Any person entering or exiting the cab or accessing the rear portion of a high-profile COE truck or truck-tractor shall be afforded sufficient steps and handhold and/or deck plates to allow the user to have at least three limbs in contact with the truck or truck-tractor at any time. Click here for helpful steps to maintain three-point contact.

Real Life Lessons From Truck Drivers Injured at Work: An Excedrin Headache

This article is courtesy of Midwestern Insurance Alliance

Plop – Plop – Fizz – Fizz – Oh what a relief it is!! Those of us old enough to remember back before shoelaces were replaced by Velcro and one of the requirements for promotion to the 2nd grade was to be able to tie our shoes will recall this advertisement jingle. It had to do with the funny looking cartoon character whose head was an Alka-Seltzer tablet (similar to the Green Bay Packer cheese heads). He was encouraging everyone to take an Alka-Seltzer tablet for their headaches. Likewise, the competing Excedrin product was advertised for headache relief and their marketing became so successful that most of us now refer to headaches as an Excedrin headache. Goes to show just how effective, or mentally controlling, an advertisement can be. The funny thing about these commercials was not funny to Zack a few months ago when he got injured. In fact, the accident was far from funny and could have been life threatening. Click here to read Zack’s story.

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