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The Time is Now: Predatory Towing -Is There a Fix? Part II

The attached article is courtesy of: Setliff Law, P.C. 4940 Dominion Boulevard Glen Allen, VA 23060; Phone: (804)377-1276; Email:

Predatory towing and excessive post-accident invoices are hot topics for many motor carriers in Virginia. This article will serve as a follow-up to Predatory Towing -Is There a Fix?, and will discuss recent efforts in Virginia to attempt to curb “predatory, aggressively overreaching, and illegal” towing practices, while also discussing potential solutions.

The Virginia Trucking Association (VTA) is working toward a solution to the problems with nonconsensual towing in the Commonwealth. In a recent telephone interview with VTA President Dale Bennett, he expressed his members’ frustration with towing companies who are called out by the State Police and/or VDOT to perform a non-consensual towing and recovery operation, and later present the motor carrier with an outrageously inflated bill.

For example, a Wisconsin motor carrier was recently presented with a $202,000 removal and towing bill in Bumpass, VA where one of the company’s tractor-trailers was pulled from a ditch. According to Bennett, “®hat, unfortunately, is the wild, wild west situation we have here in Virginia.” Predatory towing practices in Virginia are far too common and are a major problem in the motor carrier industry. The VTA is meeting with state legislators and agency officials to advocate for regulation and oversight of the prices these predatory towing companies are charging. Click here to continue reading.

Five Ways to Reduce Overexertion Injuries

The attached article is courtesy of EMC Insurance Companies

Overexertion injuries are a top cause of employee injury for petroleum marketers. These injuries typically result in sprains (stretching or tearing ligaments) or strains (stretching or tearing tendons or muscles). And overexertion injuries aren’t cheap—they average nearly $20,000* per claim. Plus, you could sustain productivity losses or may need to find temporary replacements for injured employees.

Overexertion can affect anyone—from bulk plant employees loading barrels to convenience store workers carrying beverage dispensing supplies. While you likely can’t eliminate all lifting by your employees, you can decrease their risk of injury. Click here for basic best practices for lifting.

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