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Fleet Dash Cameras: A Potential Solution to Distracted Driving

The attached article is courtesy of EMC Insurance Companies

In today’s connected world, the number of ways a driver can get distracted is nearly endless. Besides the obvious use of a cell phone to text or talk, other distractions could include changing a radio station or selecting a playlist, chatting with a passenger, picking up a dropped object, eating, adjusting a GPS unit and attempting to take off a jacket.

“While it’s impossible to list every imaginable distraction, drivers should be aware that anything that diverts their attention from driving is dangerous,” says Jim Stotser, EMC Senior Engineer. “Humans tend to think we can multitask, but we just can’t while driving. This fact is well documented in studies accident reviews.”

While it’s not popular with drivers, there is really only one way to be sure employees are avoiding distractions. And that’s to use dashboard cameras that film both forward and back. It’s important to explain to drivers that even though the cameras constantly record, footage isn’t saved unless there is an incident. If there is a crash or near collision, the recording is saved as evidence. Click here for more on how to use dash cams and implement a policy.


This article is courtesy of Acuity Insurance

A 41-year-old truck driver thought his work boots were enough preparation to work in icy conditions. The ice proved more challenging than he expected.

Because of the ice, he got out of the cab again and again to scrape the windshield and the lights. First, he fell from the icy truck steps, twisting his ankle. Later, as he exited the cab to unhook the trailer, he slipped on the ground and fell flat on his back. He fell a third time about three feet off the truck steps onto his left shoulder, twisting his left knee and low back.

Despite the pain, the truck driver continued working. As he disconnected the trailer, it all caught up with him. He felt a sharp pain traveling to his spine, and his arm went numb. The following day, he couldn’t move.

This gritty driver who had toughed it out despite the aches and pains had injured his back, left shoulder, and elbows. It was two weeks before he was able to return to work on light duty. Click here for tips to help drivers avoid this scenario.

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