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Smart Phone Use and Distracted Driving

This article is courtesy of EMC Insurance. 

There is no doubt that distracted driving causes vehicle accidents and deaths. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that 3,166 traffic fatalities, or 8.5% of traffic deaths, in the United States in 2017 were linked to driver distraction. However, there is some disagreement on how much distracted driving can be attributed to cell phone use. Click here to read more.

Ways to Manage Stress as a Trucker

This article is courtesy of Acuity Insurance.

From the days of buckboard wagons to the modern trucks operating today, the trucking industry has continued to play a vital role in our nation’s economy. However, the job can be stressful and wear on drivers over time. According to Trucking Research, a few of the reasons drivers face stress include discourteous drivers, road construction, and being away from home. Though stress is not often discussed as a key reason for the driver shortage, it may be part of the issue. Stress can cause a calm person to become impatient and frustrated with their situation and can also affect a person’s health. Click here to continue reading.

Real Life Lessons From Truck Drivers Injured at Work: Every Which Way but Loose

This article is courtesy of Midwestern Insurance Alliance

Years ago there was a popular country song with that title and the singer was describing how his girlfriend turned him every which way but loose. Then they made a movie with that theme song and Clint Eastwood starred in it, along with a chimpanzee. Clint probably made a lot of money for his performance and the chimp probably made some “chump” change. However, and once again, that has little to do with this Real Life Lesson other than being a lead in for a discussion regarding muscle strains and truck drivers.
There are several ways a truck driver can strain/pull a muscle. Examples include raising/lowering the hood of the truck, opening/closing the trailer doors, handling freight, tarping and securing loads, and even getting in/out of the truck cab. In addition to the exposure to these hazards, drivers also deal with another issue that can contribute to muscle strains – static posture (sitting in the cab of a truck for extended periods of time). Add these together and the result is several injuries due to muscle strains. Click here for more.

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